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This Lights Out with Cubo Ai mom Karen talks about having not just one Cubo Ai, but two, for her twins. Read about her sleep training experience and more.

TW: Thinking about using Cubo Ai for Twins? This “Lights Out With Mom Karen and her Twins” is a testimonial that contains content about Cry-It-Out Sleep Training. If you’d rather read a different testimonial, we recommend this one.

Why do you like Cubo Ai for your twins?

Karen: “Cubo has very attractive features for instance the HD night view, covered face and rollover detection, cry detection, and the auto video/picture capture. All these features are very important to us, especially during nighttime. It is very helpful to be able to see our babies’ face very clearly when zooming in, so we can tell if they are already asleep or still awake.

Since we can see them on the Cubo, we feel safe to leave the babies in the room and just let them cry it out. This leads to a big success in our sleep training. When our babies first started to roll over, it always scared us if they would be suffocated. With Cubo, we got notifications when they rolled over, so sometimes we could roll them back to their back.

The sweetest feature, though, is the Auto Video/Picture Capture! Our babies are super recharged after their long night sleep or just a nap. Sometimes they will play with each other in their cribs and do a lot of funny things. We may not be aware they are awake unless they start making noises, but Cubo captures many videos and pictures of them when they are having fun together after a rest.”

What Was it Like to Unbox?

Karen: “Cubo Ai came with a nice medium box with a handle. It’s easy to open and the box is fully packed with all the accessories together with the Cubo. When I first saw the Cubo camera, the white cute bird, I was surprised because it is very beautiful and cute. I had shopped around for a nanny camera for a while, and this is the first time I saw a really cute-looking one. I ran into a little problem when I unboxed all the accessories. At first, I couldn’t find some of the parts. Eventually, I found them hiding in the standing base. So, it would be great if Cubo can add a little note in the box to guide us through the unboxing steps. 

(Editor’s note: Cubo Ai takes our parents’ feedback very seriously. For our Cubo Ai Plus, a note has been added to the standing base. It says “open me.”

Cubo Ai for twins, video by Cubo mom Karen via Cubo Ai

What Was the Set-Up Process Like For You?

Karen: “The hardware installation is very straight forward. I just needed to put everything together as instructed. Since we have twins, at first we set up two Cubo cameras in two separate cribs for better performance on the covered up/rollover and cry detections.

“Now our girls are older, so we just use one Cubo set it really high up to capture both cribs with the camera. This also makes it easier to monitor them instead of switching off the camera window on the Cubo App. I had a little problem when I first set up the Cubo with the Cubo App, it was a little bit confusing at first because of the initiation steps and update. The QR code scanning step was also a little bit tricky and frustrating at first, it took me a while to get through this step.” 

How Did Your Nights Change After Using Cubo Ai?

“Our life really changed after we started to use Cubo. We feel more secured to let the babies sleep in their rooms on their own. We got to do chores, shower, cook, and even enjoy TV shows without being paranoid if our babies are crying or covered up. It also makes nighttime more relaxing for us, and we surely got better sleep now. Even in the morning if the babies are awake, we do not need to rush in the room and get to them, because we can monitor them through Cubo. We can take our time to freshen up and get their breakfast ready while babies are having playtime safely in their cribs.”

Cubo mom, karen

Karen: “When we first started sleep training, babies cried for quite a while before they fell asleep. It is normal for them to cry at first but it was also very heartbreaking to hear them cry and not knowing when it will end and what you can do. We had to let them cry it out and it would be extremely hard if we did not have Cubo.

What has been your favorite Cubo Ai feature(s)?

1080p HD Night Vision

Karen: “We got to see their faces very clearly due to the HD Night View, so we could monitor their status and make sure they were okay. Nowadays sometimes before bed or when they wake up, they like to have playtime together in their cribs, they will stand up and throw soft toys at each other. We feel safe to let them be in their own cribs, and we actually prefer not to interfere with their little “me” time.

It is because we can always monitor them through the Cubo, we can see them standing but not crawling out of the cribs. So, it is okay to leave them alone. After a while of their “me” time, they will get bored and want our attention or sometimes they just simply need a diaper change. Then, they will start the whining cry and they will raise their little hands by the cribs as if they are calling help for life (LOL). When we see it on the Cubo, we know it is time to get them. We would say in general, Cubo makes our parenting life more enjoyable and easy.

18-Hr Playback & Family Sharing

Karen: “Cubo can save the live video up to 18 hours and has the family sharing feature, which provides a very good platform for our long-distance family members (grandparents and aunt in Hong Kong) to see the babies more often and get to know them more through the Cubo. My mother and sister are literally watching the Cubo all the time and report to me what the babies did in the morning when they woke up. They capture the fun videos and pictures for me. We also really like the Cubo’s moments wall, it is fun to see all the auto-captured pictures and videos.”

Whether or not you are thinking about a Cubo Ai for twins specifically, knowing other parents’ experiences can help you decide!

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