How Much Do Newborns Sleep Each Day?

newborn sleep schedule

Congratulations on your newborn baby! We are thrilled for you and the parenting journey you have ahead. What happy moments and lessons you have ahead. If you’re here, you may have run into a hiccup: your baby’s sleeping habits. Surely you didn’t believe that newborns “slept like babies,” right? Well, even if you did, it’s […]

Looking for Lullabies to soothe your baby? Science says any language will do

cubo ai baby lullabies baby monitor

Every parent needs a list of baby lullabies that work when they’re trying to get their baby to sleep. From the classics to ones that were played in their own homes growing up, lullabies are a bring-baby-home essential. And while melodies can be much the same between many countries, the lyrics of course vary. For […]

What Do I Do If My Baby is a Tummy Sleeper?

baby stomach tummy sleeper

According to experts, babies should not sleep on their tummy but there are other options that can ensure your baby’s sleep safety while making them feel secure. Read our post to find out more.