Lights Out With Mom Christin

baby sleeps mom multitask better

Cubo Ai helped this mom multitask better while she enjoyed all the other features that helped her feel present in her baby’s life.

Lights Out With Hadi & Baby

Swaddle Covering Face

Cubo mom Hadi went from worrying constantly about her baby’s safety to knowing her baby’s swaddle covering her face would never go unnoticed. Hadi and her partner would be alerted day or night to come help.

Lights Out With Dad Juan Pablo

choosing a baby monitor lights out

This dad explained his experience choosing a baby monitor, the features he needed most (and those he didn’t) and why he chose this one.

Lights Out With Susie & Her Baby

life after cubo ai lights out with mom susie

Why did mom Susie choose Cubo Ai? “I love the design of the Cubo. It’s baby-friendly with the bird design still matching with the decor of an adult home.”