A Must-Read for New Parents: Issues with Baby Spitting Up and Vomiting

A Must-Read for New Parents: Issues with Baby Spitting Up and Vomiting

Professor Chih-Chien Wang, Department of Pediatrics, Tri-Service General Hospital(Taiwan) Preface  Lilian’s baby is just one week old, and after each feeding, the baby often spits up a little milk and sometimes even chokes on it. Concerned, she took the baby to the clinic to consult a pediatrician. Lilian wanted to ensure she hadn’t overlooked any […]

Navigating Baby’s First Doctor Appointment

The time has come for you and your little one to go to their first doctor’s appointment. While this milestone is exciting, you might also be nervous as you’re unsure what a first appointment entails. First, take a deep breath and recognize that what’s new for your baby will also be new for you to […]

Guide to Understanding Baby’s Cough

It is common for young children to cough, however if your little one is experiencing persistent or intermittent coughs, it could mean something more. Babies are not as prone to coughs as toddlers or older children, so it’s important to pay attention to your baby’s cough and understand what it could mean. With different kinds […]

How to Celebrate Your Baby’s First Easter

We know how special a baby’s first year can be as there are milestones and first moments to experience as a family. With Easter fast approaching, we’ve put together a list of how to celebrate your baby’s first Easter in a meaningful way. While your baby probably won’t remember their first Easter, you and your […]

Baby’s Safety is More Than What Meets the Eye

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When it comes to your baby, their safety is your number one priority. If it is your first child, you may have extra cautious attitudes towards care-taking. Everything we do and all of the products we launch are to help put a parent’s mind at ease and allow them to give their baby that extra […]

How to Adjust Your Baby’s Schedule to Daylight Savings Time

Your baby’s sleep schedule is sacred and shifts in that clock can be incredibly disruptive not just to your baby, but to you. Daylight savings time can cause hiccups in your baby’s usually well-established sleep schedule which of course will affect how many hours of sleep you get yourself. When a baby’s schedule gets disrupted, […]

Best Baby Breathing Monitor 2022 | Ultimate Guide & Review By Cubo Ai

Best Baby Breathing Monitor

Considering buying a baby breathing monitor but not sure? We have specifically prepared this blog to help you know everything there is about tracking the baby’s most vital signs. Being a first-time parent is perhaps the heaviest responsibility in life. From one day to the next, you’re responsible for the growth of a tiny human. […]

Best Baby Monitor 2022 | Ultimate Guide & Review By Cubo Ai

Best Baby Monitor 2021

A few years ago, you’d be surprised to get a monitor with a decent camera. However, now you can find features like HD night vision, A.I. alerts, and lots more to keep your baby safe. So let’s take a look at the best baby monitor of 2022 according to baby monitor reviews and features! Now […]

When to Stop Using a Baby Monitor

When to Stop Using a Baby Monitor

Parents, let’s admit it: Taking care of your baby is not the easiest gig in the world. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and presence of mind. Fortunately, baby monitors make it a lot easier. Baby monitors let you keep tabs on your little one from a few feet away or in another […]

3-Month-Old Sleep Regression: Ultimate Guide on How to Survive

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Once you become a parent, your priorities really do shift instantly. You are geared towards making sure your baby is getting the best of what they need, before your own.  And sleep is just one of the many other things that you will be cutting down on, while you make sure your baby is getting […]