What Being a Mom Has Taught Me

Being a parent is the greatest learning experience. Often, as a new mother or father, we expect to bestow wisdom onto our children. But mostly, we tend to learn from our kids on how to best support them, enjoy our time here, and unlearn biases while embracing imagination. Our kids see the world differently than […]

Motherhood: What You Give Up and How to Adjust

When your child enters this world, you experience a new kind of love and joy. A forever bond between you and your little one is born. For some women, their journey to motherhood is complex and full of struggles. So eventually, being called a mom means even more despite the obstacles it took to get […]

A Letter from Our Co-Founder, Joanna

Dear Cubo Ai family,  Remember me? I’m Joanna, the co-founder of Cubo Ai. I can’t believe I get to say this, but it’s true. Cubo Ai is turning 5 today! Five years ago, I was a 6 IVF-attempts new mom who’s not only navigating her new role but also living in constant worries that something […]

12 Tips and Tricks for First-time Mommies

first time mom tips

Motherhood is an amazing journey for you, your partner, and your family. But it can also be daunting and scary, having to not just take care of yourself but also the baby in your tummy as well. But fear not, as a mom myself, here are some tips for new mommies I wish I knew […]

When Should You Stop Breastfeeding?

when should you stop breastfeeding?

Navigating the world as a first-time mother can be daunting, but definitely fulfilling. Many mothers agree that breastfeeding is an intimate act that helps them form a closer bond with their child. While breastfeeding is optional for mothers, studies show that breast milk is more nutritious than formula milk. This is why more than 80% […]

21 Fun & Creative Ways to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

fun ways to tell parents you're pregnant

Finding out you’re pregnant is the start of the wonderful journey that is, motherhood. From seeing a baby bump to feeling the baby’s first kick, it’s a whimsical ride to watch and feel a life unfold before you. It’s also the start of a whole big production number of who to tell first? Besides all […]

What is Infant Loss Awareness Month: Explanation and Resources

According to the CDC, infant loss by stillbirth alone affects about 24,000 families every year. Infant loss awareness month happens annually in October and acknowledges the loss thousands of families go through every year. While all-year-round baby and pregnancy companies seem to focus on the joy of birth and babies, when October comes, things look […]

Ways to Honor Your Baby You’ve Never Met

Losing a child is a different kind of grief for everyone, but what is the same is the love you will always hold for them. Just as the way you process and mourn the passing of your baby; the way you choose to remember them is also your own. For every parent, healing or learning […]

Moms, It’s Time to Take Care of Yourself

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Parenting is not an easy job. Taking care of your child can be emotionally and physically draining. In order to be as present as possible in your home life, you need to prioritize your own wellbeing, moms! We need to be mindful of the weight we put on mothers and ask ourselves when it comes […]

7 Ways to Create a Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace

Mom and Baby

So many mamas give up on breastfeeding when returning to work due to scrutiny, unclean environments, or time pressure; but a healthy work environment will do all it can to allow a mother to continue what is best for her baby and thus foster a positive and productive work space. Last week, we talked about […]