Top Safety Tips When Baby Starts Crawling

a happy baby in a safe crawling environment

The time has arrived for your little one to become an explorer! When your baby begins to crawl, it’s an exciting time for new parents. Crawling is an exciting milestone for babies and an essential stage in their physical and cognitive development. But why is it so important? And how can you know they’re doing […]

Uncovering 9 Types of Delivery and Childbirth Methods

A mother touching her baby in the stomach

With the advancement of medical technology, childbirth has become a much safer experience for parents worldwide. Whether you’ve planned for a natural birth, medically induced birth, or C-section, these plans can be subject to last-minute changes. It’s a busy time filled with preparation, apprehension, and excitement for both parents in the run-up to their due […]

Safe Sleeping for Babies: A Complete Checklist

Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most magical moments in a parent’s life. You’ll never forget the feelings of excitement, joy, and nerves as you navigate this next chapter in life. We all know that sleep is important when raising your little one. And one of the best ways to keep […]

At What Weight Can A Baby Sleep Through the Night?


As a new parent, you might wonder what the average baby weight is and if your little one has reached the weight to sleep through the night. But remember, healthy babies can range in shape and size, no one is healthier than the other, and each baby is unique!  As long as your little one […]

When Can My Baby Safely Sleep on Their Tummy?

a baby dressed in white sleeping on their tummy

The first year of your little one’s life is full of new developments and excitement. It can be challenging to adjust to all the changes, especially those concerning sleep. One of the most significant milestones in baby sleep development is when your little one can safely sleep on their stomach. This can be a scary […]

Music’s Role in Baby Development

With the rapid development of technology and medicine, a wealth of research has provided us with a better understanding of how the brains of young infants work. The scientific community is also actively engaged in empirically identifying factors that help babies grow cognitively and emotionally. “An overview of the past scientific literature shows that music […]

How to use music to help create baby’s sleep routine

Choosing the Right Music to Help Your Baby Sleep From the moment parents welcome their newborn, helping their baby establish a healthy sleep routine becomes an important priority. Every baby is different, and each will have their own pattern of falling asleep. Sleep is vital for infants and young children, who need both quality (how […]

5 Top Tips to Establish Baby’s Sleep Routine

Setting up a bedtime routine for your little one is extremely important so that your baby can learn the structure and the time of day and fulfill them emotionally and physically. Having a consistent bedtime pattern will bring much comfort to your baby and allow you to get your sleep too! While each baby’s needs […]

Ultimate Guide to Baby Sleep Training: Methods and Tips for A Sweeter Sleep

baby sleeping safe and soundly with parents

It’s 3 am in the nursery. Heavy-eyed, yawning, and craving the comfort of your own bed, you recall that it’s already the sixth time you woke up tonight. Rocking the wailing little one. Pacing up and down. You wonder how many more wake-ups you will have to face, and what in the world you can […]

How to Choose the Perfect Crib Mobile for Your Little One

baby crib mobile with gentle lighting

As your baby grows, they become filled with curiosity and wonder. They are constantly observing their surroundings and learning about the world around them. Therefore, it’s important to your little one’s development that they are stimulated visually and mentally to promote brain development and fundamental learning, and crib mobiles are a fantastic way to do […]