Best video baby monitors of 2020

best video baby monitors of 2020
what is the best baby monitor? This list will get you ready to make your baby's nursery both beautiful and safe.

It seems like parents who want an audio-only baby monitor are rare these days. There’s nothing inherently bad about them. In fact, audio-only monitors are only a bit old fashioned because of the wide variety of options and technology out now. From HD video day and night to Sleep Analytics, and A.I. Face Covered Detection, modern monitors make audio-only seem like an ancient artifact.

We get it, though. Their focus is really just to hear baby wake up, which if that’s what you use it for, great! The problem? Baby sleep has a lot of false starts and ends and knowing when to come in without disrupting can be tricky. Using video makes this, sleep training, napping, as well as knowing they’re ok, a lot easier.  

That being said, there are a lot of monitors out there with different prices, reviews, and features. So, which ones are the best video baby monitors? Let’s take a look at some\ comparisons and which one might be the best for you.

  1. Wifi vs radio
  2. Best Baby Monitors With a camera
  3. Why You Shouldn’t use Ring or FaceTime as a baby monitor

Wifi video baby monitors vs. radio video monitors

What’s the main difference between a baby monitor using frequency to transmit the feed and one that uses a Wi-Fi connection?

Radio monitors: Analog and digital

Think of analog baby monitors like walkie-talkies, working to transmit signals from a transmitter to a receiver. They operate under the 49MHz frequency band and can easily pick up other noise on the same or similar frequencies. This is why they offer the option to select one of several channels in case of interference.

With digital, there is also a receiver and a transmitter but the signal isn’t radio, it uses multiple frequencies using a method called FHSS or frequency-hopping to secure the signal and allow the video to be transmitted as well as sound.  The signal operates under 1.9GHz, 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz frequency. The 1.9 GHz frequency monitors are called DECT baby monitors. This is how video monitors first become possible in the ‘60s, and that’s huge! Going from just sound to an actual picture took peace of mind to a whole new level.  They offered better quality sound and video, better coverage, and longer range.

WiFi video monitors

Of the three, WiFi baby monitors are the latest technology. WiFi allows transmitting to a local Wifi router instead of a receiver. With the correct log-in and authorization, you can receive the transmission (i.e. see the video, hear the audio) from anywhere in the house or anywhere else in the world where you can connect. 

The best baby monitors with a camera (that you can buy on Amazon!)

Whether you decide to use a video baby monitor with a Wi-Fi connection or not is up to you, but either way, you have a large variety to choose from. Luckily, Amazon is stocked with pretty much any baby product you really need. This is true also for baby monitors.

If you’ve seen it, they probably sell it. So, not only are these baby monitors mentioned today all available on Amazon, but many are also Amazon’s Choice! Here are the top ones according to parents and industry reviews. You can browse their overall ratings and reviews and choose for yourself. 

NameDescriptionRatingPrice in USD
Hello Baby 3.2” LCDDescription: This video baby monitor uses frequency hopping and comes with a remote screen or parental unit. From your unit, you can tilt, and zoom the image as well as rotate the camera. It also allows two-way audio, temperature alert, night vision, lullabies, and audio only mode. The cons are, it does have a range limit and the quality of the screen isn’t that good. 4.5 89.99 
ANMEATE Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Monitor The Anmeate video baby monitor is one of the top sellers on Amazon because of its lower price point and desirable features. It has a separate screen or parent unit and uses radio as well with a range of 960 feet. This screen offers a better quality color LCD screen, temp monitoring, two-way audio, digital zoom, pan and tilt options, multi-camera options (up to 4), lullabies, and several mounting options.4.360.99
Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby MonitorA more portable parent unit that also allows remote pan, tilt, zoom, and interchangeable lens. It also supports up to 4 cameras. They also use a 2.4 GHz channel with FHSS, like we mentioned earlier, meaning they have a range limit as well and don’t use Wifi. It saves energy by decreasing parent unit size and weight. This means a smaller screen size. 4.4165.99
LBtech Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras This two-camera digital monitor can expand to up to cameras, has two-way audio, temp monitoring, night vision, and allows 2x digital zoom directly from your parent unit. With this monitor, the screen automatically wakes when your baby cries and with this saves battery power by 50%. It’s pretty much on par with its competitors as far as features. 3.9119.99 
Motorola Comfort 50 Video Baby Monitor with 5″ Color DisplayThe Motorola 50 offers a larger image display with digital zoom. It also uses radio with a 1000 ft range. It has two-way audio, a high-sensitivity microphone, infrared night vision, 5 lullabies. The problem with this monitor is that, besides not being able to transmit video outside your home to-say- your family, it can also have pairing issues due to frequency obstructions.3.570.02
Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby MonitorCubo Ai is a safety-focused wifi video baby monitor. It uses a secure connection to Wifi and an app to transmit the audio and video of your baby in HD to the authorized accounts of up to 8 family members or friends. The most unique feature is the A.I. detection which sends alerts to parents when the baby’s face is covered, when they roll over, and as they grow when they cross danger zones or get out of their crib. It has temp and humidity monitoring, Two-Way Audio, and has a built-in memory to save the last 18 hours of feed so you can play it back. As a cute addition, Cubo auto-captures photos and videos of your baby and keeps them safe in the app for you. Cubo Ai Plus comes with Sleep Analytics, and has Built-in Lullabies and Smart Home Integration coming this Fall 2020!NEW!249.00
Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor The Nanit Plus has an HD camera that, like the Cubo, works night and day. This is also a wifi smart baby monitor that allows you to look at your baby using your devices like your phone, kindle fire, or Echo Show. Nanit also has 2-way audio, sound and motion notifications, temp and humidity sensors, and baby sleep stats every morning. Nanit is compatible with your Alexa for easy access. Additionally, Nanit offers wearable monitors for sale that are compatible with their camera.4.5299.99
Miku Smart Baby Monitor This Wifi smart baby monitor tracks breathing without wearables. It also tracks sleep patterns and nursery conditions. Their camera, like their competitors, has HD vision day and night, two-way audio, and temperature and humidity sensors. 4.2398.99

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Ring camera or FaceTime to Keep an Eye on Your Baby

Despite our phones being able to do more than ever before, they’re not entirely equipped to be baby monitors. A lot of work goes into creating a baby monitor because it’s supposed to fulfill a set of safety requirements. You want it to be reliable, you want it to be sturdy, you want it to be mountable, etc. 

FaceTime is an app created for communication between people, it has controls and updates to make that more playful, to take photos, but as far as watching your child, it could prove dangerous. FaceTime will disconnect if the signal isn’t strong enough, stop streaming video, and not automatically start again, requiring a tap on the “reconnect” button. To say that relying on it to watch your baby is unpredictable is an understatement. 

Ring cameras as baby monitors are especially bad after the security problems that they entail. To add, ring cameras are specifically designed for surveillance of your porch and who is trying to get into your home. Ring provides a community where you can share information and photos directly on their app. It’s a platform made to be neighborly and keep tabs on the goings-on of people and homes. This is not an app for your baby and the misuse of it as a baby monitor could result in some unwanted results. 

The truth is, we use baby monitors because we can’t ensure that we’ll wake up to crying from another room and certainly not to our baby starting to roll over. These kinds of developments are events parents like to be informed of and what better way than using the technology we have that’s specifically designed for it.


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