The Babymoon Fad: What it is and Why it’s Trending Among Pregnant Couples

the babymoon fad
What is the babymoon fad about and why is it trending among couples? The babymoon explained, lots of recommendations, and more!

Note: This babymoon post was written and published before the COVID-19 Pandemic and talks about travel in 2020. We encourage that everyone follows the recommendations by the CDC and don’t recommend travel until it’s safe.

What is the babymoon fad about and why is it trending among couples? The babymoon explained, lots of recommendations, and more!

The growing babymoon fad has a lot of mommies-to-be scratching their heads. With all the traditions that come with pregnancy, the 3-month safety zone when you tell people, the gender-reveal, the baby shower, it’s hard to imagine why we’d need another one. However, moms this day and age have raised the babymoon fad and in this post, we’ll break down what is a babymoon, why it’s popular, and whether you should consider one. 

Recently, we read an article on Culture Trip that said: “If you really want to celebrate before the arrival of your baby there is no better way to do it than by going on a babymoon!” Sure, that’s probably just blog-y talk to encourage people to join the trend, but we had to stop and ask ourselves “where is this trend coming from?” and “should we all be taking them?”

Note: if you disagree, and you think there is certainly a better way to celebrate before the arrival of your baby, take a look at our “How to Throw a Meaningful Baby Shower” post instead.

So, What is a Babymoon?

Just like your honeymoon was a welcome into your marriage, a babymoon is a kind of rite of passage into parenthood. The difference is that here the rite takes place before the passage, before the arrival of your new full-time job and love of your life, a.k.a. the baby! Babymoon options and possibilities include going as a couple, going with a friend, or even a family member. The point is to acknowledge the time before your life changes forever, show gratitude to your body and your mind, take a pause from the stress, and continue the journey.

Why it’s Trending

Every rite has an origin. Usually, that origin is tied to a need, whether it be for connection, for preparation, for convenience, you name it. So what need gave rise to the babymoon? It makes sense that our mothers and grandmothers had to worry about “disconnecting” a whole lot less than we do. Social media fasts weren’t exactly hashtag trending then, so now that things have changed a little bit and it’s more difficult to unwind and get away, it makes sense a new tradition that acknowledges that comes up.

When to Take a Babymoon

If you want to fly

If you’re flying away for your last hurrah before the big joyous duty that awaits, travel around the second trimester after the 12-week scan. Still, always check with your doctor about the state of your specific pregnancy and circumstances, get their recommendations, and a possible list of destinations to stay away from during pregnancy, just to be safe. You can also check the availability and quality of healthcare where you’re going.

If you want a staycation

Feel like staying at home? You can still babymoon in your own town. Since flying before 12 weeks of pregnancy isn’t great, and there are airlines that won’t let you fly after a certain time, a staycation is a great babymoon too. Whether it’s a day at a local spa, or even at a hotel stay right in your city or town! Set a goal for what you want out of this babymoon, what you’re feeling like you want to replenish or fill at this time.

Note on logistics: Don’t forget to plan the other parts like what travel insurance to take and plans with your midwife if you have one.

Flying While Pregnant

Still not sure whether you want to travel pregnant. Here are some tips from WebMD:

Like we said before, Check air carrier policies and insurance carrier policies

Get cleared by your doctor, especially if you have certain conditions or problems with breathing.

Prepare for the actual flying part. Diet, hydration, walking on the plane, and of course, getting the best seat (which is now, thankfully, a lot easier with most airlines)

The Itinerary is Up to You

While some women’s idea of a babymoon is week-long hikes and food vacations in Italy, others prefer to fly to a beach, sit at a pool and get some z’s next to the book they brought for “supposed reading”. Neither is wrong! Do what your body and future mommy you will thank you for later. You’re the boss.

How to Babymoon with a Toddler

Not your first rodeo? No worries, this is a great opportunity to spend time with your other babe, your partner or someone else that comes along to help. Visit somewhere with a kid’s club, activities, children’s swimming pools, anything that will have their interests sorted, as well as yours.

Side note: praise the hotels, spas, and vacation spots that think of families!

So… is 2020 The Year Of Babymoons?

It might not look like it anymore, but Babymoons were really picking up before we were all ordered to stay home. Maybe it’ll still be the biggest year for the growing trend or it will fizzle out, maybe it will pick back up next year! Regardless, it’s another reason to celebrate the joy and miracle of parenthood! That, ladies and gentlemen, is a beautiful thing.

Happy parenting!


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