A Complete Guide on How to Choose a Baby Monitor

how to choose a baby monitor

Having a baby monitor can make life a lot easier for working parents, single moms or dads, or even just parents in general. Having this device around the house allows you to monitor your little bundles of joy at any given time and wherever you may be. It has essentially become an extension of our […]

Best Baby Mittens of 2022

Best Baby Mittens of 2021

When we become parents, it is second nature to put our baby’s health and safety first and foremost. Especially as first-time parents, figuring out a lot of things can be overwhelming–from naming your child to learning how to calm them down. In essence, parenting is a step-by-step process that one can only learn from experience […]

Where is the Best Place to Safely Put Baby Monitors?

where to put baby monitor?

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things in the world and the scariest. As parents, you vowed to put in all your heart, but at the same time might not know every detail about how to take care of your baby. No need to worry, we understand! Where should parents place baby […]

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Breastfeeding?

what happens to your body when you stop breastfeeding

Breastfeeding not only provides the child with nutrition but also physical closeness with the parent. For mothers, breastfeeding reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and certain cancers such as breast and ovarian cancers. Some mothers also find it easier to return to their weight before pregnancy when opting to breastfeed. Conversely, breast milk provides […]

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack?

Ultimate Pregnancy click-list

Congratulations, mama, you’re about to meet your little bundle of joy soon! Now, it’s time to prepare for the big day. Do you have all the things that you might need so you can get to the hospital at a moment’s notice? Apart from the crib sheets or bassinets that you might want to purchase […]

Where to Travel with a Baby? 5 Best Baby-Friendly Destinations for Families

where to travel with a baby

Traveling while single, or even with a significant other, can be hard to manage already but now that a baby is in the picture and you’re stepping into a new role as a mom, traveling is going to be even more challenging. You’re probably itching to get on a plane and scour the nooks-and-crannies of […]

How to cut your baby’s nails (Video guide included)

Cut baby nail

Cutting a baby’s nails is an overwhelming idea for most new parents. It is terrifying to cut tiny nails from those dainty fingers. However, the nails of newborns grow quickly and can easily become long and sharp. Trimming your baby’s nails regularly will not only prevent them from scratching, but also prevent dirt from hiding […]

Breastfeeding and Other Choices for Mamas

Cubo Ai celebrates all mamas and caregivers who are involve with feeding their little ones. Breastfeeding is recommended by many health organizations for infants as it can help fight infections, lower their risk in later years for certain diseases, offer beneficial nutrition, and is convenient when it comes to time and cost. For many, breastfeeding […]

When Does Tummy Time Start for Babies? Do’s and Don’ts

baby tummy time

There are several key milestones in your baby’s development, and one of those is tummy time. Tummy time has many benefits and is a crucial practice to help your baby grow and learn. You may have heard the phrase before but not know where to begin. We are here to demystify the process.  While it’s […]