A Letter from Our Co-Founder, Joanna

Dear Cubo Ai family, 

Remember me? I’m Joanna, the co-founder of Cubo Ai.

I can’t believe I get to say this, but it’s true. Cubo Ai is turning 5 today!

Five years ago, I was a 6 IVF-attempts new mom who’s not only navigating her new role but also living in constant worries that something might happen to my little one in his sleep every night. Today, my 2 IVF babies, Noah and Young, are now 5 and 2 with the company of Cubo Ai.

5 years ago, Cubo Ai was only available in my son’s room. Today, it has flown to over 115,613 babies’ rooms around the world. 

5 years ago, Cubo Ai was only available in Taiwan. Today, it has flown to over 118 countries.

Recently when I cuddled with my little ones before bed,, my eldest, Noah, asked me: “mummy, why did you make the little birdie Cubo Ai with my doctor, uncles, and aunties?” 

I smiled and told him: “When mummy was taking care of you when you were still a baby, I was very worried about you. I was worried that something would happen to you and I wouldn’t be around to help. So, mummy hopes all the new mommys in the world can also start worrying less.”

The past 5 years have been the most fulfilling, meaningful 5 years of my life. And I must thank you all for that.

It’s your support that paved the way for someone like me, who wasn’t originally in the tech industry to be able to have the courage to partner with my son’s pediatrician and  AI experts to create this new technology. It’s your honest feedback that allowed the Cubo Ai team to relentlessly pursue the best version of our product and service. Mostly, it’s what you hope our product can do that continued to inspire us to keep walking down this road with our heads up. 

I love my 3 kids: 2 silly boys and Cubo Ai! 

I will continue to stand side by side with my team and lead Cubo Ai with love. I hope to have this adorable and smart little birdie fly to more families like yours and mine and protect all the babies in the world. Here’s to parenting that comes with less worrying and more joy!

Happy 5th  birthday to my kiddo, Cubo Ai.


Joanna, mommy of Cubo Ai


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