12 Tips and Tricks for First-time Mommies

first time mom tips

Motherhood is an amazing journey for you, your partner, and your family. But it can also be daunting and scary, having to not just take care of yourself but also the baby in your tummy as well. But fear not, as a mom myself, here are some tips for new mommies I wish I knew about. Your fellow moms have your back!

1.RELAX, no literally, just relax

For some, a pregnancy may come as a shock; for others, it might have been planned. But regardless of what the circumstance is, you need to relax because the real stress happens when you start hearing crying every night. Kidding aside, you need to be in the best mental and emotional state, as your own emotions can affect the baby in your tummy. Yes, you do have to take some precautions but don’t get too hung up on all the concerns. Enjoy the journey and nurture yourself and your baby for the next 9 months.

2.Don’t drastically change your routine

The minute you find out you’re expecting doesn’t mean you need to alter your life right away. The changes in your body will come, but cross that bridge when you get there. If you work out every day, don’t stop, consult with your ob-gyn and who knows, maybe you’d still be clear to do some light workout while you’re pregnant. The same goes for the stay-at-home moms, being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t tidy up the house or work out anymore on a daily basis, do what you can, and let your body tell you when you can’t, as well as your ob-gyn, of course. 

3.Be forgiving with yourself 

To say that pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride is an understatement. Like previously mentioned, you can still do your routine, but later on, your body will have to change and adapt. But that change doesn’t make you less of a person, mother, or wife. If you can’t keep the house tidied up like before, it’s okay. If you can’t work out as much or lift the same amount of weight anymore, it’s okay. There will be days where you feel like you’re not doing good for yourself, and in effect the baby, but really, it is okay.

4.It’s not just your pregnancy, it’s also your partner’s and your family’s

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the baby may be in your tummy, but your partner has an equal share of the work in making sure that you and your baby are healthy and happy. 

Now if you two can’t handle the work needed to take care of yourself and the baby, get the family involved. Don’t just carry all the work, you’re already the one with the baby in your tummy so allow them to help you as well.  

5.Start planning

As much as the other tips may give you a carefree mindset, there are things you need to plan out. Pregnancy is a huge production number that doesn’t end after you give birth–being a mom is a lifetime career. But for now, plan what you can, sit down with your partner, and talk about how you want to give birth, what will your current finances be during and after pregnancy. It’s better to plan ahead. 

6.Go Shopping!

Yes, this is not just an excuse, but a necessity for you and your baby! Your body will be changing, and a lot of your tops and bottoms won’t fit anymore. And your baby has a lot of needs and will grow out of their clothes fast too, which is why we’ve stressed the importance of planning your finances because you will be breaking not just your water, but also your bank.

7.Don’t be too scared if you’re a bit of a neat freak, but your baby isn’t!

It’s natural that your baby will want to put everything that they see and touch into their mouth and having a baby does not mean you have to obsess over cleanliness. You may be thinking that isolating your baby from the outside world will keep them safe, but don’t be scared because they’ll eventually be able to build their immune system, plus, vitamin D is good for them! 

8.You have a mother’s instinct, use it

This may not be scientifically proven, but we all know and have heard of the mother’s instinct. At first, you might even doubt yourself that you have one but trust us, it’s there. In situations where you don’t know what to do best for your baby, it’s not bad to let your mother’s instinct kick in. You’ll be shocked to know what you’re capable of doing for your baby because sometimes, mothers know best. 

9.Love your Mom-bod

Pregnancy will definitely change your body, besides your growing belly, your chest will grow, your face will plump up, your feet will get swollen. All of this can or may not happen to you, so don’t fret over it because these are normal. Everybody is different and your body is as beautiful as it was before or even more! So embrace your mombod, and flaunt your baby bump!

10.It’s okay to pause for a moment

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A mom’s life goes on–you might have a job to keep, a business to run, or events you need to attend. But always remember, it’s okay to take a break, you’re pregnant, and life will go on. Remind yourself that your body is going through this amazing change and producing a little bean that reflects you and your partner. So don’t just let life take over your pregnancy, pause for a moment and sit down, and cherish this connection between you and your baby.

11.Give in to those cravings

This would be the right time to do so, after all, your body is going through so many changes, physically, and even chemically with your hormones altering your moods. It’s okay to crave non-typical combinations like pickles and whipped cream, or Hot Cheetos with eggs. You might be weirded out by your sudden change in food choices, but really, it’s just your body changing. Just make sure you’re not always feeding yourself and your baby junk, throw in a salad once in a while and something healthy!

12.You are a good mother!

No matter what you tell yourself or do, you are a good mother. Sometimes seeing other moms handle motherhood with ease might make you think that they do not have their fair share of struggles. But always remember that everyone is handling motherhood differently and what is important is that you’re doing your best for your baby with love. As a new mom, you are learning from everything you’re experiencing and doing everything you can for your little one! And that’s all anyone can ask for.

But overall, do what is best for you! As much as you read up online to get the best advice for new moms or first-time moms tips and tricks, do the most that you can, and learn from it. At the end of the day, all you do for your baby is done out of love.

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