Top 5 Cubo Ai Moments Caught on Playback & Auto-Capture

cubo ai moments
These families use their baby monitor playback and auto-capture features to catch the top 5 cutest cubo ai moments.

Our community’s Cubo Ai moments are certainly countless, but every now and again, we get some families that share the cuteness they captured at home with their Cubo.

Today, to bring some holiday cheer, we’re going through the top 5 Cubo moments caught on Playback and Auto-Capture features on Cubo! Some of these were just captured by the parents as they looked at their live feed and then sent to us with some sweet words of encouragement.

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What is Cubo Ai’s 18-Hour Playback?

Cubo Ai is the first-ever baby monitor to allow parents to playback their baby’s video feed.

Why is this special?

Cubo Ai parents see everything.

Crying alerts are great! We are all for them, in fact, we have them! But sometimes, we want to know if our baby is crying for a specific reason. Especially as they get older. Did they bump their head? Have they been awake for long?

Your 18-Hour Playback allows you to see your baby’s last 18 hours minute by minute. This has helped parents see whether their baby actually napped or not or just show them off to friends and family.

“Look how cute they sleep!”

Every Cubo parent ever

What is Auto Photo Capture?

While Playback is mainly used by our Cubo Family to watch babies as they sleep, our Auto Photo Capture Feature detects when your little one is smiling, crying, or making big moves. These captures end up being some of the sweetest memories you have while they’re so small.

The auto-captured photos are kept on your Moments Wall to see your cutest memories with your baby as they grow.

Other Ways to Capture Photos and Videos on Cubo Ai

Cubo parents know that if they’re watching their baby on their baby monitor and they look so cute, they can take photos or videos on their own. No need to wait for Cubo to detect, they can hold the camera button on the live feed for video or tap once to capture a photo.

Let’s take a look at some of the cutest submissions from Cubo parents!

Top 5 Cubo Ai Moments

1. Baby “Coos” at Baby Monitor

Who doesn’t love it when babies start making those adorable baby noises? Somewhere between wide-eyed radio silence and full sentences, the cutest moments are made. Just look at these adorable coos.

Check out this family’s adorable bird-esque testimonial here.

3. Mom Auto Captured Singing For Baby

The way this little babe starts whining when mom stops singing reminds us of just how much babies love song. They’ll make anyone into a singer, even if all we can think of is a song about laundry. How adorable are these two?

3. Baby Munches on Feet

It’s not that surprising that babies find out at around the same time that they can put their feet to their face and that those feet are delicious. Moms and dads know it, they eat those little toes on the daily. For some reason watching babies be so flexible and curious never gets old.

4. Baby Kicks and Babbles For Mom

One of the cutest parts of watching little ones around this age is how much they love kicking! This little one kicks and babbles away while mommy prepares to feed and bathe them.

5. Mom Reads to Giggling Baby

We can’t blame this baby for giggling. Her mom is so good at reading aloud! We all tap into the parent we have inside when we’re watching a baby giggle and turn into a puddle watching mom and baby bonding like this.

Interested in having your very own auto-captured moments? Find out more about Cubo Ai!


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