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For decades, parents trusted toy companies to take care of all children’s products with the utmost care. In 2020, though, parents have become more suspicious. They want to see for themselves. That’s what makes product reviewers like Dad Verb so popular. He’s a dad who wants to see products for himself and share his thoughts with other parents. We also rely on institutions like JPMA and The CSPC to safety-check them for us.

Do you know what products and guidelines are baby-safe for each stage of your child’s life? It can be hard to keep up so we’ll wrap it up in one basic post.

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importance of baby safety

The Importance of Baby Safety

Having a child means bringing a tiny human into a world with sharp edges, big doors, and fast vehicles. It seems like an infinite number of things that are not made for them. This is why as parents, we have to be equipped to keep them safe in just about every situation. We are the buffer between them and the big world they’ll explore in their own time.

For now, coming home from the hospital is a whole ordeal. Your first night at home is akin to an Indiana Jones movie, but all of these things can be made slightly easier with some preparation.

It helps to know the things that babies are most vulnerable to—safety-wise—and prepare to be there for them through sleep safety, feedings, clothing, all the while trying to enjoy their baby stage to the fullest. It’s overwhelming, we know, but just the fact that you’re reading this article means you’re going to do great.

basic guidelines for keeping your baby safe

Basic Guidelines Related to Keeping Your Baby Safe

Remember that this post is for basic information only. For baby safety guidelines, medical advice, and personalized suggestions for your family, you can consult the CSPC and your pediatrician.

Sleep Safety

Of course, every parent has SIDS on their mind during the baby’s first few months. Baby sleep safety starts with creating a safe sleep environment for your baby to make their breathing, temperature, and position optimal for their wellbeing. What are some things that aren’t recommended for the best baby sleep safety?

Why is it Bad to Let Your Baby Sleep With You?

Letting baby sleep in your bed, also known as co-sleeping, can be dangerous according to experts. Some make the differentiation between bed-sharing and co-sleeping, but in general, it’s better for babies to be in their own sleeping environment for the night. That way, there’s no chance of them having their face accidentally covered or their oxygen levels lowered by the proximity of your body while you get some much-needed sleep.

mom feeding baby in a high chair baby safe food and drinks

Baby-Safe Food (and Drinks)

Feeding your baby may be the easiest thing to do in the first six months. Whether it’s formula or breastmilk, that’s really all your baby is going to need. However, baby-safe food for 6-month-old babies can vary because this is going to be around the time you want to introduce your little one to new flavors, textures, and—believe it or not—possible allergens!

Baby-Safe Clothing

If you have a wiggler on your hands, you know that babies will grab onto anything and everything and bring it towards their face and mouth. This is why when it comes to baby fashion, safety is key.

Other Baby Safety Products

Baby-Safe Bottles

Baby-Safe Strollers

More information about baby stroller safety here.

More Notes on Strollers

Not every adult that comes around your baby is going to know how to keep them safe so keeping some of these basic baby safety tips on the fridge will prove helpful when friends and family come around.

Concluding Thoughts

Bringing a wonderful life into this world can be a scary thing. There are just too many things to watch out for. However, don’t let the potential dangers scare you—there is a multitude of resources online (including this blog post!) and baby products that can help ease you into parenthood smoothly and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. If you ever run into other health-related or safety-related issues you’re not certain about, make sure to consult a pediatrician just to be safe. Navigate around the blog to find more baby safety tips!

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