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working moms baby monitor
Christine had been using the monitor for months when she realized her little bird had effortlessly become part of their home and it was the perfect working moms baby monitor.

Cubo Note: Christine thinks our monitor is the working mom’s baby monitor! She had been using the monitor for months when she realized her little bird had effortlessly become part of their home. They even plan on handing it down to Teddy’s future siblings!

Hey! My name is Christine and my husband and I were one of Cubo AI’s pilot test users. We’ve been using the monitor for a few months now and it’s honestly just become such an important part of our lives! We’ll continue using it with any and all future little ones.

We like a lot about Cubo but, as two working parents, the biggest thing is how Cubo lets us keep in touch with Teddy through our phones.

Safeguarding your baby 

Taking care of Teddy while working is hectic so I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into Cubo. I don’t have to tote an extra monitor around because it’s on my phone so it’s one less thing to worry about!

Then, our old monitor’s battery only lasted about six hours, so I was always worried it would die and I wouldn’t hear Teddy crying. The battery isn’t a problem with Cubo and I know that its AI will alert me if anything happens. Now I can relax a bit. I can always turn on the camera to check on him if I need to and can even talk with him via 2-way audio.

For example, I get a notification when he is put into his crib for a nap and Cubo tells me when he cries, so I can check in. Plus the cute pictures and videos here and there make me smile.

Why Cubo is the Working Mom’s Baby Monitor: The Moments Wall

Cubo snaps a picture when he makes big movement or smiles so it’s just sort of fun to see where Teddy ends up. First, he’ll be here, then in the next picture, he’s way over there. He literally does 360’s while he’s sleeping! There’s so much stuff that I’d normally miss and it’s cool to get glimpses into this “secret life” of babies. 

After work we like to play with Teddy and, while my old monitor was attached to the wall, Cubo lets us be flexible. It comes with three different stands and one of them is specifically made for use on the go.

The Evening Time

We move around throughout the evening, sometimes upstairs, sometimes downstairs, but the mobile stand makes it really easy to just grab Cubo and bring it to wherever life is happening. We even brought it with us to our beach vacation!

Honestly, this baby monitor is the best and does a lot to relieve a parent’s worry when baby is sleeping or not with you. 

We will be using Cubo to monitor any and all future little ones. Raising a kid while working is a juggling act, but thanks to Cubo, I don’t have to miss anything even if I’m not at home. I worry a lot less even if he is sleeping or not with me.

If you’re a working mom, you need Cubo!

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