Are Baby Monitors Safe? Best Anti-Hacking Monitors and Practices

wifi baby monitor safe

Are wifi baby monitors safe? One of the big burning questions parents have when looking for a baby monitor, after the price, is whether or not it works with wifi.

Parents have been taught a lot of concerns about the security risks that they’ve heard having a wifi monitor entails. Are they right to worry?

Media headlines are full of hacking stories that fade away long before they’re proven or debunked.

So, to go through it a little more in-depth, we’re here to help you find out whether baby monitor hacking is something you need to worry about and steps you can take to prevent it.

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Are wifi baby monitors safe?

Saying “wifi monitors aren’t secure” is a bit of a broad statement.

As technology advances, so do the companies and the professionals out there making it.

There are a few types of wifi tech that baby monitors use to connect and communicate with your baby camera all with varying degrees of vulnerabilities to hacking.

So, short answer: it depends on your wifi environment and baby monitor.

Looking for a great video monitor? Check out our list with reviews, ratings, and prices.

Why Wifi Tech Isn’t All Created Equal

A baby monitor’s safety has very little to do with whether or not it’s a wifi-enabled device.

Just like any product, the safety and security of Wifi baby monitors depends mostly on the manufacturer.

Reviews will show whether there have been any security breaches or weak points in their products or supporting applications, so always take those into consideration. Especially any that can be proven and verified. 

The way that digital and wifi baby monitors keep your information secure isn’t that different.

The best ones encrypt the information and make it difficult to latch on to. A practice called “frequency hopping” allows radio baby monitors to avoid hacking by switching frequencies.

Traditional analog monitors don’t do this, which means anyone using the same monitor nearby can tune in. Nowadays, high-tech wifi baby monitors focus on end-to-end encryption and cloud storage. This also goes for text messaging services and even bank apps. 

What is E2EE

Using E2EE means the data is secure as it travels from one device (in this case, the baby monitor) to another (in this case, the smart phone or wifi-enabled device).

Nobody in the middle can decode it because they don’t have the key to decrypt it. This includes the internet service provider, app service provider, and the hypothetical hacker. 

What about the safety of the wifi signal next to your baby?

Baby products on the market should be FCC certified with electromagnetic emissions under the FCC-approved limits. Always double check your baby monitor’s certification. Additionally, the baby monitor should also be kept at a safe distance from the baby using a stand.

Can my baby monitor be hacked?

How can you tell if your baby monitor is truly vulnerable? Beyond just talking about whether or not it’s analog, digital, wifi or non wifi, etc. there are more things to take into account. In reality, any of your wifi-enabled devices are at least somewhat vulnerable to hacking. This doesn’t mean that it actually happens very often at all.

First of all, rest assured that baby monitor hacking is incredibly rare. Most people have not only not had their baby monitor hacked, they’ve also not even suspected it. Those who have had a suspicion of hacking can often be reassured by tracking the source of the sound or incident. Sometimes it’s just background noise that your monitor picked up, especially with sensitive microphones.

There are, of course, extra steps you can take to deter someone from trying to hack your monitor. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Baby Monitor Security 101: How to keep your baby monitor safe from hacking

Security experts have gathered their best advice for worried parents and frankly, a lot of these are what we should be applying anyways.  I mean, are we still using generic passwords on our routers? Yikes. You can check these off if you’re an especially careful and worried parent or apply the ones that are most likely to have an effect on your security.

  1. Passwords. Even when it comes to phishing and other types of scams, this is where your first “gate” is. If your password isn’t safe, it’s as if you didn’t even bother locking the door. Setting up your monitor with a safe password that you haven’t used anywhere else is step one. There are password managers out there to help you keep track of your long and elaborate passwords, even creating them for you so that you can rest assured that you’ll both have access to your account and that it’s secure.
  2. Secure your wifi environment. Enabling Wifi WPA2, using a hard-to-guess WIFI password, and hiding the SSID to keep others from using your home network
  3. Assign it an email. Don’t use your own email address to sign into your account so that if any of your other accounts are compromised, the monitor is separate.
  4. Double-check that your baby monitor has end-to-end encryption.
  5. Make sure you readjust any default passwords and settings if your monitor comes with them. (This goes also for your internet router)
  6. Activate all security features available. Two-Factor authentication doesn’t just help to keep you safe, but also to spot any attempted log-ins if there were to be one.
  7. Subscribe to your baby monitor company’s newsletter, join their forum or online communities to be updated on the latest security updates and features they release.
  8. Shut off your device regularly (once per week is recommended) so that when they restart they update on the latest software releases and security features. 
  9. Set up Google Alerts for your baby monitor company. If there is anything newsworthy, you’ll be the first to know.

Safest Wifi Baby Monitors of 2020

If you’d like to see a full list of the Best Baby Monitors of 2020, check out our post here with testimonials, ratings, prices, and more!

ModelPriceWhy it’s secure
Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby MonitorUSD  289.002-Factor Authentication
End-to-End Encryption
Customizable Sharing options for family
Arlo Baby MonitorUSD tested the Arlo monitor and found that it was secure of vulnerabilities.
Motorola Halo Smart Crib ProjectorUSD found some unencrypted traffic which was fixed after it was brought to their attention.
Nanit Plus Smart Baby MonitorUSD 299.992-step verification
End-to-End encryption
User permissions

Best Audio-Only Baby Monitor for Security

Vtech DM221 USD 44.00 on Amazon

For parents who aren’t quite ready or don’t see the need for features like video, Sleep Analytics, Safety Detection, and more there are audio-only baby monitors which work with radiofrequency.

For this, experts at Wired suggest the Vtech DM221. Its affordability is pretty unbeatable and has batteries that last 18 hours. The range for this monitor is up to 1,000 feet so, though you won’t be hearing your baby when you’re away from home, it’ll do just fine while you’re around the house and it’s great for extra worried moms on whether baby monitors are safe.

When should you stop using a baby monitor?

For safety reasons, you should stop using a baby monitor if it is recalled by the company that manufactures it. You should also stop using it as soon as you notice strange behavior from your app, email account connected to that monitor, or other devices on your wifi connection. Always get in touch with tech support at your baby monitor so they can advise you on what to do next. 

If you’re concerned about using a baby monitor for too long, don’t worry! Wifi baby monitors like Cubo Ai Plus have safety features to help you and your little one even after they’re not so little anymore. Take the Danger Zone Alert feature, for one. You can set a Danger Zone in their room, in your home, or even out of town when traveling with your baby so you can be notified if their quick pitter-patter goes beyond the safe boundaries.

Want to learn more about Danger Zone Alerts and Safety Detection from age 0-5+?

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