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Lights out with cubo ai- Diana finding a smart baby monitor
Mom Diana on finding a Smart Baby Monitor. From what she looked for to how it's been since buying and what she'll do differently with her next baby.

Editor’s note: Cubo Mom Diana shared her Cubo Ai story with us recently all about finding a smart baby monitor. She chose not to share photos publicly so for this post we’ll include other Cubo parents who agree with her thoughts and insights. Want to see a testimonial with photos? Try this one with a Cubo mom and her toddler or this one featuring some adorable twins.

How was the process of finding a Smart baby Monitor?

Diana: I wanted to find a baby monitor that I could access through my phone (And not have to worry about charging a separate monitor constantly and carrying that with me everywhere I went in the house).

I also wanted to find a baby monitor that is aesthetically pleasing in the room, had great night vision, and sent me notifications if something were wrong.

Was there anything that really convinced you to buy Cubo Ai Plus?

Diana: When I found Cubo, I was really happy with the Temperature and Humidity feature, as our baby’s room always feels colder than the rest of the house, and now Cubo gives me peace of mind when adjusting the thermostat in the house.

Although I don’t currently use this feature right now for my 20-month-old, I am happy to use it in the future, when we have another baby, and that is the alerts when the baby rolls over or covers her face.

I think that is so important to have for peace of mind with newborns. It was also on sale when I bought it so that really helped to push me towards finally upgrading!

Tell us about your unboxing experience

Diana: I thought it was so cute! All of it. And was surprised by how easy it was to install and how organized it was in the box. I wasn’t overwhelmed with a bunch of pieces, and the instructions were very informative and easy to follow.

So easy to install! And so lightweight to move around. Overall perfect!

How does life look after finding a Smart Baby Monitor for your needs?

Diana: It has given me so much peace of mind!! Especially with the Sleep Analytics of daily night time sleep.

Understanding how rough her sleep was or how fast she fell asleep, really helps me understand if I need to be changing her nighttime routine or daytime routine to get her to sleep longer or better.

What features do you love most?

Diana: Auto Photo Capture. The pictures it takes while she sleeps are the absolute best. It makes me smile to see how she looked and slept at night.

Knowing that my phone alerts me when she cries or gets close to the danger zone is so awesome. The little birdy notification when she cries is also so calming.

I love everything about CUBO and I recommend it to every mom I speak to. It is cute, it works wonders, and has awesome features, physically and in the app.

Favourite feature would be the Temperature/Humidity Sensor. Makes me feel so much better knowing for sure if the temperature in her room is too cold or hot, or if we need to adjust the humidity in her room.

The Automatic Photo Capture is also so awesome, all babies and toddlers are so cute when they sleep, we should be so lucky to just watch them all the time, but we can’t, so these pictures always light up my day.

Nightly Sleep Analytics is also so great. I love knowing how long exactly she slept for, how long it took her to fall asleep, and how many times she moved around in her crib.

Soon I will use the AI Danger Zone when I put her into her toddler bed. I am so excited to use these feature, it seems so clutch to have when I first transition her to her toddler bed.

Honestly, I am not even lying, but all of the above features are all needed and so helpful to have.

The Cry Detection Alert, no visible red light to affect her when she sleeps, Two-Way Audio (to reassure her we are coming), Built-In White Noise and Lullaby songs, camera stand (so easy to place wherever you need to, especially when transitioning them into a toddler bed), easy to take with you and place on a shelf for those nights we are out of town.

Moment’s Wall is so informative and I love to watch the videos and pictures that are captured by Cubo.

From the Cubo team: Thanks, Diana for sharing your story with us!

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