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choosing a baby monitor
This dad explained his experience choosing a baby monitor, the features he needed most (and those he didn't) and why he chose this one.

The following Lights Out Testimonial about choosing a baby monitor was written by dad Juan Pablo and shared kindly with us to publish here. Want to see a testimonial from a mother’s perspective? Try this one. Want to see more dad stories? Find more dad content here.

Choosing a baby monitor: With Cubo You Pay Once for the Camera You Love

Juan: I chose this camera over others due to the fees, I believe we only pay once and we own the camera, compared to the others, which have a subscription base. I just need to be able to see my kid if I’m busy doing something. So, I didn’t want to spend huge fees monthly for service I don’t use.

Note: Cubo Ai Premium is a subscription service, but unlike other cameras, charges mostly for larger storage, not more features. All Cubo Ai features are available without a subscription. Find out more about Cubo Ai Premium here.

How Did You Find Cubo Ai After It Arrived?

The unboxing was fun!  The box was beautiful and the bird too!  And from time to time my baby smiles at the bird camera! She used to just smile when I was rocking her to sleep.

The installation was very easy, the instruction manual was easy to understand, it was very easy! We don’t use the camera 24h, we monitor when she sleeps, or when we are not in her room.

What Features Made You Choose Cubo and Which Do You Enjoy The Most?

The camera sometimes [automatically] takes amazing shots! So I can keep the memories and share with family and friends.

I love the 1080p HD Night Vision, I have seen friend’s nanny cam and they were very “meh” with low light or no light. My baby doesn’t roll yet so we have tested that option yet.

I didn’t want a camera that has light when it’s dark. Because a lot of night vision cameras have a red light when it’s dark. The cry detection is very neat, we only go check the baby out when we hear her cry. When she is playing in her crib we can know when she started crying. So we don’t necessarily need to check her out. The Temperature and Humidity Detection is very good.


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