Lights Out With Mom Sarah: Smart Baby Monitors During Covid-19

smart baby monitor during covid-19
Sarah has had a smart baby monitor not just since her baby's birth but also during covid-19. She talks about how it's shaped her experience.

This Cubo Ai mom, Sarah, knew exactly what she wanted. She was willing to research her way through pages and pages of reviews, information, and more.

How and why did you choose Cubo Ai?

I knew what I was willing to spend and I spent a lot of time reviewing baby monitors. I knew I wanted a monitor that worked with our phones and didn’t have a separate screen; I knew I wanted exceptional picture and sound at night; I knew I wanted alerts that allowed me to get some sleep and not constantly watch my sleeping child.

I kept finding the same complaints over and over on a lot of monitors, connectivity issues, picture and sound issues. Cubo appeared to address all of the issues I had with other monitors. This monitor was also going to allow my husband to check in while he was at work and my family members to watch from their homes.

We knew what we had purchased so the Cubo was exactly what we expected and the cute bird was going to fit in with our woodland theme. We were a bit unsure of the stability of the floor stand but overall happy with the entire package.

What has been your overall experience with Cubo Ai?

Installation for my husband and me was super easy. We got things set up in a matter of minutes.

I can’t really speak to a difference it made because we’ve had the Cubo since our son was born. It did make our early transition to the crib smooth. I have been able to relax and sleep rather than be glued to my monitor or constantly going into his room, risking waking him.

Sarah on Smart Baby Monitors During Covid-19

Also, having the Cubo during Covid-19 has been a great way to allow our family to check in and watch over our son as he grows. Grandma and grandpa watch during bedtime and are watching when he wakes up in the morning; it has made them very happy to be able to see him. And his other grandma, uncle, and aunt all check in often.

“Grandma and grandpa watch during bedtime and are watching when he wakes up in the morning; it has made them very happy to be able to see him.”

smart baby monitor during covid-19

What Cubo Ai Features Do You Benefit Most From?

I love the 1080 HD night vision. The fact that I can zoom in and see him breathing when he’s still for a long time is very helpful. I don’t have to be one of those anxious moms running to the nursery to check if the baby is breathing.

Most recently the AI covered Face and Rollover Alert has been helpful as my son as figured out how to roll back to tummy, but not yet tummy to back.

I am quickly alerted and I can go help him get back into a better sleeping position. I would love it to be a bit more intelligent though as it goes off when my son put his arm over his head or rolls off his side.

A.I. Danger Zone Alerts will be helpful if my son is anything like me and tries to climb out of the crib.

I am also excited that I can move this to our living room or kitchen as he gets older and I know I can keep him safe. I’m not sure if it’s considered the main feature, but the Family Sharing has to be my favourite feature. Especially with this physical distancing right now. Our families have access to watch our son from where they are when they can’t be here to see him.

“Most recently the AI Covered Face and Rollover Alert has been helpful as my son as figured out how to roll back to tummy, but not yet tummy to back.”

We are very happy that all the lights on the Cubo can be controlled by us, so nothing is going to bother our son. 

The Multiple Stands have come in handy. We used the basic stand when our son was in a bassinet to keep an eye when he was first-born. Since then the floor stand has been our go-to for watching our son in his crib.  As he gets older and we are able to use this more as a nanny cam the basic stand will be helpful once again.  I’m also intrigued by the new wall mount I’ve seen discussed. I might like this to create a birds-eye view of the room and he gets older. I hope it will be available to us early purchasers.

“I am also very happy with then enterprise-level security on this device. We don’t have concerns about unwanted people accessing our monitor.”

The customer service has been great the few times we’ve had to contact them and from watching the Facebook community their team is always on top of questions and feedback the group provides. And it is really great to see the Cubo team listening and taking the feedback and turning it into system improvements. 


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