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Why did mom Susie choose Cubo Ai? "I love the design of the Cubo. It's baby-friendly with the bird design still matching with the decor of an adult home."

Lights Out With Cubo Ai and Mom Susie is about how Susie and her family chose Cubo Ai in the long run. We spoke to them about their life after Cubo Ai and how it’s impacted their life.

Why Did You Choose Cubo Ai?

Susie: We chose Cubo because we like the longevity features of it. We don’t like waste and clutter so we liked that the monitor grows with your baby. We also like the sleek design and picture quality. The safety alert features are also very important to us.

“Out of all the baby monitors I’ve seen I love the design of the Cubo. It’s baby friendly with the bird design whilst still matching with the decor of an adult home. “

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How Was Unboxing and Setting Up Your Cubo?

Susie: The unboxing experience was exciting! We loved that the monitor looked like the pictures we saw prior to purchase. Sometimes when buying things online, things don’t look as nice as they did online but Cubo was consistent and we loved being able to choose how to set up the camera- stand or mount.

Set up was pretty straight forward. We haven’t tried the other options but the stand is easy to put together and recently with the height change for the crib, we had to change the height of the stand and it was super easy to do with the extra pieces. I believe installation took less than an hour altogether including setting up, downloading the app, setting up the wifi, and adding family members, and deciding what safety features we wanted to use. 

How Has Cubo Ai Impacted You?

Susie: Cubo helped with sleep training because I’m able to see if baby needs me without going in and distracting her.  Because of that, baby and I are able to sleep better. The safety notifications also give me peace of mind too. I can get things done around the house without having to stay in one place. Even though sometimes it’s hard to deal with lagging issues or if the wifi drops (rarely) where I’m not able to use the monitor, having it be app-based allows me to check on baby even when I’m not home and have left her with someone else. It definitely gives me peace of mind and allows me to still feel included. Other family members can have this perk too of being able to check in. 

We like the rollover alerts especially as baby gets more mobile in her sleep. I could see if she was actually in danger or not. 

The 1080 night vision has helped me out a ton when I have to readjust baby in her crib during the night because I can see what I’m doing without having to turn on the light. I just use the app to see what’s going on and baby doesn’t wake up because of any lights or multiple adjustments. 

What Cubo Ai Features Improve Your Life and How?

I like the automatic photo and video captures because I can save them and send them to family without having to do it myself especially when baby is being so mobile – one less thing to worry about!

I really love the cry detection alert and the temperature alert. Baby’s nursery happens to be in a room where the temperature is not always consistent with the rest of the house so I like that it alerts me and I can adjust the temperature accordingly without having to disturb baby while she’s sleeping. Our room is a bit further from baby so I like that I can get an alert if she cries because sometimes it’s hard to hear. 

Out of all the baby monitors I’ve seen I love the design of the Cubo. It’s baby-friendly with the bird design whilst still matching with the decor of an adult home. 

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