Top 16 Classic & Cute Pregnancy Announcements to Your Husband

cute pregnancy announcement ideas to husband
With these super cute pregnancy announcement ideas to husbands, you'll be able to share the good news in a variety of creative ways!

Realizing you’re pregnant can be a rollercoaster—some extraordinary pregnancy announcement ideas aren’t always at the top of your mind when you find out!

From funny announcements to Etsy announcements and lots of other surprises, we’ll go through some common questions about how to spill the beans to the next most important person in the baby’s life (after you, of course).

How Soon Should You Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant? 

This is, of course, entirely up to you. But remember, you want to give your partner time to process the information. After all, they’ll be becoming a parent soon too! 

Give them a chance to catch up by letting them know as soon as you feel comfortable sharing. That can mean you’re waiting for the doctor to tell you this pregnancy is good to go or that you’re processing the idea first. 

Either way, there’s no right or wrong way as long as everyone who needs to know is informed, including you!

How do I announce my pregnancy to my husband?

Today we’ll go through some of the most innovative, interesting, and creative ways of announcing your pregnancy or any budget. Whether you want to buy accessories to announce or just come out and say it, we’ve got you covered.

1. In a cupcake

If you can bake, you might want to try putting a little baby in there—a figurine, of course. Make sure it’s oven safe, or else that cupcake might end up being a fire hazard. But other than that, go for it!

You might get one of these “lightbulb moment” reactions, like this couple

2. On your older kids’ T-shirt

If you have other children, their t-shirts can be a great place to put the news that your husband is about to be a dad to two (or more!). 

There are lots of ways to create your custom shirts. You can buy shirts on Amazon or have them custom-made at a made-to-order online store.

When it comes to the design, you can either challenge your creativity and create your own or use existing patterns. Once you have your shirts, have your kids put them on and go up to your husband for the surprise!

bun in the oven pregnancy idea
There’s a bun in the oven!

3. The classic “bun in the oven” idea 

Sometimes, you can just go with a classic. This classic, in some cases, can also be the cheapest! 

All you need is to own an oven, buy a bun, and place it inside. Lead your partner over to the oven and ask them to open it, then tell them the good news. It might take a minute to get the message across, but, like this couple below, they’re going to get it. 

4. Using a “baby” meal

This mom is clearly a pro. She has her husband and kids at the table, all happily eating vegetables (how does she do it?) and trying to decode the hidden message in their food.

She used “baby” forms of food on their plate: baby vegetables, baby chicken nuggets, and baby animal crackers. The kids ate it up, and the dad instantly caught on to the announcement.

The meal, in our opinion, is genius. 

5. Using quotes 

To reveal your newfound secret, here are some quotes and captions to get you started:

  • “The best is yet to come… (due date).”
  • “Welcoming our little one in (due date).”
  • “Being pregnant means every day is another day closer to meeting the love of my life.”
  • “And baby makes three.”
  • “You + me = three.”
  • “An adventure is about to begin.”
  • “First came love, then came you.”
  • “Even miracles take a little time. #babyontheway”
  • “We can’t wait to meet our new addition in (due date).”

Surely, there are hundreds of options that will speak to you. Consider giving it a twist to make a quote specific to your family!

etsy pregnancy announcement ideas

6. In custom-made fortune cookies

This has to be one of the best ideas for announcing your pregnancy. 

On Etsy, (and Amazon) you can find custom-made fortune cookies with personalized slips of paper tucked inside to announce your pregnancy to anyone you like. Whether it’s for your husband, partner, brother, sister, parents, or whoever, it’s a creative and surprising idea. 

This can be made into an even bigger surprise if you schedule it after a Chinese food dinner. They’ll never know that you slipped in your own custom fortune cookies if you coordinate with the restaurant!

7. Saying it using a card

Sometimes, going all out into an elaborate scheme to announce your pregnancy isn’t necessary. Cards are a traditional and reliable way to make announcements. Also found on Etsy are a variety of pregnancy announcement cards like this one. It’s beautiful, to the point, and affordable. 

Best of all, your partner will immediately understand what you’re trying to say with no room for confusion. If you’re eager to spread the news, a good old-fashioned card might be the perfect announcement idea for you.

Pregnancy announcement to husband: funny ideas

funny pregnancy announcement ideas

8. Using a lotto scratch card 

Does your partner love to try his luck once in a while? Give him one of these super stealthy scratch cards from Amazon. They look totally normal until you scratch off the surface and reveal the surprise! 

Gamifying your baby announcement definitely puts a happy start to the parenting experience!

pregnancy announcement ideas with your pet

9. Getting your pet involved

Maybe you don’t yet have a kiddo to put a T-shirt on, you can always recruit your best friend to help with your big news. Simply buy a pregnancy announcement bandana for your pup or cat, and then photograph it with a recognizable baby item.

10. Filling Up a Coffee Cup with Surprises

This is definitely not for those who have trouble keeping it a secret. Imagine giving your partner a coffee and waiting not only until it cools, but until they’ve finished drinking to see the announcement!

That’s what happens with this mug that has a baby announcement at the bottom of the inside. This might not work for you if your partner likes to take their time having coffee. But hey, it’s a nice idea if you want to share with your husband an unforgettable morning routine.

11. Having a photoshoot

If having a photoshoot is already in your plans (maybe engagement photos, couple photos, etc.), this can be the perfect time to sneak in a pregnancy announcement. Here’s how you do it. 

Prepare a sign to surprise him with and have the photographer in on it. Sometimes, the photographer will ask each person to write something on a small chalkboard or whiteboard to show each other.

The handwritten messages will look authentic and unique, but little do they know, your little board says “We’re pregnant!” 

How Can I Surprise My Husband with a Pregnancy Test?

Some of the best announcements are done with the pregnancy test itself. Here are some of the top ones we found:

12. Unboxing your baby’s arrival 

Put your positive pregnancy test into a non-transparent box, wrap it up, and make it a memorable unboxing experience! Every newborn is a blessing to a family, so why not announce an arriving baby just the way you unbox a gift?

13. Mom reveals pregnancy on dad’s birthday

What a better present than the news of new life! Your significant other’s birthday can be the perfect time to surprise him with a positive pregnancy test! 

Using a digital one is the easiest way because you’ll be surprised how many men don’t actually know what a positive test result looks like. If it just says “pregnant” it’ll save a lot of guesswork. 

Take a look at this mom who did it and had a super satisfying result. 

14. A Christmas announcement 

Much in the same way, a Christmas present works just as well as a birthday one. Wrap up that positive pregnancy test like a Christmas present, put it under the tree, and watch as he unwraps the best news of the year. 

This family did it and, well, it’s safe to say we teared up. 

How to Tell Husband You’re Pregnant: Unplanned Babies

Whether you planned for your pregnancy or not, an announcement can be super exciting! 

If you’re going to announce your first pregnancy, and it wasn’t exactly planned, you have all the more surprising factors to work with! 

15. A hello daddy onesie

These onesies are so cute and will be a very obvious way of announcing your pregnancy. Put this in a gift bag and your loved one will be thrilled the moment they open it. 

You can find them in stores, on Etsy, on Amazon, or even make your own!

Simply get a newborn onesie and design the announcement you want on it. Whether it’s “#1 Dad”, “Hello daddy”, or “coming [insert due date here]”, it’ll be something so cute you’ll want to frame it afterward.

16. 3rd pregnancy announcement to husband

If you’re pregnant with baby number 3, there are a variety of super cute options to announce it.

Our favorite is game-related and will appeal both to your husband and your other children. This little onesie says “Player 3 has entered the game”. If that doesn’t get you excited about the beautiful bundle of joy that will join your family, we don’t know what will! 

Does It Really Matter How You Reveal Your Pregnancy?

Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter how you do your pregnancy reveal. Marriage, pregnancy, and relationships are so much more than that. If you and your partner simply noticed symptoms, bought a pregnancy test, and waited patiently for the result, it’s still a wonderful way to begin your journey

So congratulations! You have a beautiful baby coming into the world. A ton of changes will happen very soon. Whether you choose to go with a big announcement or go simple don’t forget to get yourself and the house ready to meet the new love of your life.

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